Website Design & Development

It all starts with us listening to your needs.  Based on conversations during the concept and requirements gathering phase, we learn the essential features of the website that you have in mind. This is an important first step and will help us create the website that you want, the website that reflects your business.

shutterstock_129037142Next we start the design phase.  We explore a variety of design ideas and create graphic mockups to show what the homepage of your site could look like.   Depending on the complexity of your project, at this point we may also put together a wireframe showing how all of the pages on your site link and relate to each other.

After you have given us the thumbs up on the final look-and-feel, and the design phase is complete, we start the development phase.  We build the website based on the final design. This is where the coding of the website takes place.  We’ll use whatever tools are needed to develop your site. The tool set varies depending on the implementation decision, but always includes the basic building blocks such as HTML and CSS. in this phase we also perform functionality and browser testing.

When the coding is finished and the content has been populated, we’ll set a go-live date and deploy the website to the Internet. We can manage the hosting, or we can turn it over to you depending on your needs. We’ll also train you how to use the content management system (if applicable)

After the website is live, if you opt for support, we’ll be available for consulting as needed, and we’ll keep your website updated with content you provide so you can focus on the demands of your business.

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