Flyers & Brochures

In addition to a website, most companies will have a need for brochures and flyers to communicate some aspect of their business. Whether it is a brochure that conveys an overview of the business or a flyer that promotes an upcoming event, it is important to consider how the message will be communicated.

The company brand should remain consistent in all communications, and the layout of the brochure or flyer should be designed in a way that is easy to read, entices the recipient into reading further, and effectively communicates your message.

Since most recipients of the brochure will not read it from top to bottom as if engrossed in a can’t-put-down novel, consider how the headings and subheadings can be worded to convey a high level summary of the message for those that just offer a glance at the content.

The text should be clear and concise. Simple, brief language should be used. Most of the time, less is more! The reader will only take away two or three points.

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